Great service, I bought a machine from another company who I will not mention and regretted it from day one. 

I do not need to care anything after starting business, ND will handle everything from manufacturing products to delivery, and to after-sale services. I never worry products quality. I enjoy the cooperation with ND!

I have cooperated with ND for decades. I trust them! And they try their best to do everything to make me trust them! I love them!

I recommend ND, and you will know there is no another supplier who can offer so excellent service and good quality after making cooperation with ND!

We all are specialized in precision field. So we are strict with precision granite components. We will never choose other factories. 
It is easy to meet a small manufacturer when purchasing precision granite. Their testing equipment is rudimentary, and they have never calibrated the testing equipment. Such a manufacturer cannot provide high-precision products!
Advise my friends not to choose low-priced products from small manufacturers, unless you care about the quality of the products!